New Technologies in two small group rooms


Thanks to a University of Calgary Student’s Union Quality Money Grant, the Health Sciences Library now has two small group rooms wired for collaboration.  42 inch wall mounted flat panels, computers and connections allow students to use either the equipment in the room or their own device to develop and display work.

Quality Money is a unique partnership between the University of Calgary Students Union (SU) and the U of C. Each year the SU is provided with approximately $1.5 million from the U of C Board of Governors to invest in projects that will enhance the overall student experience.

Each fall semester, the SU invites Quality Money proposals from students, faculty and other members of the campus community.  In 2013, the Health Sciences Library submitted a grant proposal to add technologies to small group rooms in the Health Sciences Library similar to those available to students using the Taylor Family Digital Library.

The two rooms, 1454 and 1455 in the Health Sciences Library can be booked by students online through the Room booking system

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