This Mobile Moment – A free app for disinfecting iPads

de-BacDo you use your iPad in the hospital on a regular basis? Are you concerned about spreading nosocomial infections with it?

A recent study in JMIR¹ showed that a mobile app can effectively reduce microbial load. deBac-app  is a simple interactive cleaning guide that leads the user through the cleaning process and each step is logged along with time and date. deBac-app is currently available for iPads, Android tablets and Android phones. A detailed synopsis of the product is available at

Please note their disclaimer that the use of disinfectants as required in medical environments is not endorsed by device manufacturers and may invalidate their warranties.

1.            Albrecht UV, von Jan U, Sedlacek L, Groos S, Suerbaum S, Vonberg RP. Standardized, App-based disinfection of iPads in a clinical and nonclinical setting: comparative analysis. J Med Internet Res. 2013;15(8):e176.

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