Are you planning a Systematic Review?

Are you planning to conduct a systematic review? If you are considering a systematic review project or would like further information, please visit our Systematic Review Guide

As search experts, librarians are an essential part of your systematic review team. The Institute of Medicine encourages investigators to, “work with a librarian or other information specialist trained in performing systematic reviews to plan the search strategy” (Standard 3.1.1). By working with a librarian, you will ensure that your search is as methodical and thorough as possible.

Librarians at HSL are skilled searchers with the training and expertise necessary to

  • Develop comprehensive search strategies to ensure that essential studies are not overlooked
  • Assist in selecting essential databases for your search
  • Select and search grey literature sources to uncover literature not found in standard databases
  • Manage and organize search results
  • Participate in writing the search methods section of the review
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