This Mobile Moment: drawMD

drawMD is a free app for the iPad to enhance doctor-patient communication by offering interactive visual guides as a tool for explaining complex issues and possible medical and surgical solutions.

Select one of the detailed anatomic images from the 10 medical specialties or upload your own, and then sketch, stamp, or type directly on the images.  The images and stamps are tailored to each specialty and allow you to explain treatments and procedures in a personalized, easily understood way. Then, share those images and notes with the patient and retain them as a record of the consultation.

With drawMD, patients better understand  conditions and procedures, while the time required for the consultation is reduced. Simple, visually-oriented consultations are more understandable for patients, and can provide the context that is used to improve and engagement and satisfaction.

More information about the app is available from The app is available for download from the AppStore.

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