This Mobile Moment – Nature journals now offer mobile-optimized versions

Nature now has a mobile-optimized version of its website, designed for use in web browsers on “small screen” devices like smartphones and tablets. Other Nature research journals have also introduced mobile-optimized pages for all articles and news content.

The mobile-optimized presentation has been designed to provide an improved reading and navigation experience in web browsers on smartphones and tablets. Pages are reformatted on the fly based on the screen size of the device. On a smart phone the content is presented in a single column with dropdown menus, whereas on a tablet the journal’s homepage is either two or three columns depending on the orientation of the device.

While accessing the U of C wireless network, you can access the journals from the library pages as you would on a laptop. Offsite access requires authentication in the same way as other U of C licensed content.

Users are automatically directed to the mobile-optimized view when they access in their smartphone or tablet web browser. The new mobile site supports iPads, iPhones, and Android devices using browsers including: Safari, Firefox, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, S40, S60. Mobile-optimized pages will also support Blackberry Web-Kit (available on Blackberry OS4.7.1 and above), available on most Blackberrys less than 18 months old. More information on supported browsers and FAQs are available on

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