Two new trials: Nursing Reference Center and Joanna Briggs Institute

The Health Sciences Library is offering two evidence-based nursing point-of-care electronic resources on a trial basis. Please try them and tell us what you think!

Nursing Reference Center (EBSCO)

Nursing Reference Center is a comprehensive reference tool designed to provide relevant clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals, directly at the point-of-care. This database offers staff nurses, nurse administrators, nursing students, nurse faculty and hospital librarians the best available and most recent clinical evidence from thousands of full-text documents.

JBI COnNECT (Joanna Briggs Institute)
JBI COnNECT is an evidence-based nursing point-of-care electronic resource produced by the Joanna Briggs Institute. It provides one quick interface for databases of summarized evidence recommendations and tools to help nurses appraise the evidence for clinical decision-making.

Please forward all comments to Helen Lee Robertson, Collections Coordinator, Health Sciences Library (

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4 Responses to Two new trials: Nursing Reference Center and Joanna Briggs Institute

  1. Polly says:

    Luke 23:12 Hmm… I found that inentrstieg as well that Luke mentioned this aboutPilate and Herod becoming friends (NASB). To me this shows that when Jesus is involved in a situation He brings people together – peace. Luke was a man that picked up on every situation, and this is mentioned for us to notice – thanks to Luke we are getting so much more details and events about Jesus showing us the power He had in all situations.

  2. Luettuani kirjoituksesi laitoin saman tien miehelleni viestiä, että meidän firmaan hommataan kans työsuhdepyöriä! Työntekijöitä kun ei ole oikeastaan kuin yksi puolisoni lisäksi ja sitten tietenkin minä 🙂 Ja kun töitä tehdään terveydenhuollon parissa, niin voisiko olla sopivampaa kulkuneuvoa kuin polkupyörä? Kiitos tästä!

  3. Pues lo peor (para mi) es el resultado de las encuestas sobre la intención de voto. Al menos la vanguardia da unos datos para ponerse a temblar…mayoría absoluta… Arenas se frotaba las manos esta mañana. Y cuando yo esperaba argumentaciones del señor Vicepresidente, me encuentro un discurso dicharachero y absolutamente falto de contenido, criticando a la oposición.Me tienen aburrida y, lo confieso, amedrentada.Y todavía no se han dado cuenta del alcance de la reforma.

  4. I’m quite interested in the baby-led weaning. My sister was going to do a guest blog post here about it as she used it with her first baby. *pointedly looks at sister, who is happily ignoring pointed stares, being 39 weeks pregnant with Baby #2*. Another option might be making the first two layers mandatory and done by Mum – lettuce and tomato – and then Son #1 can top with whatever he likes? If he’s eating lettuce when pushed, that’s not too bad, really. You’re doing pretty well! And well done on Son #2 and the well-trained palate!

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